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Information for Commercial Outfitters

Commercial rafting outfitters are constantly faced with choices about buying gear, boats, and various rafting accessories. There is a fine line between saving money and making purchases that will make your trips smoother and less complicated. We designed this page to make those decisions easier for you. We have highlighted many local small businesses who provide services that are unique and useful to rafting companies. Many of these products are offered at discounted rates for outfitters or if you purchase them in bulk.

Rafting Suppliers

Groover LabsGroover Labs has come up with an innovative product that might be the key to keeping your guides and guests happy with the bathroom situation. Their Groover Tamer is guaranteed eliminate the stink and keep your trips smelling clean.

Icee-KoolIcee Kool makes the coldest cooler on earth. They have bomber products that will keep your food cold over the course of a hot multi-day river trip. If you are looking to purchase new coolers, or are disappointed in all your melted ice at the end of trips, give these guys a call.

Rafts and Kayak Manufacturing Resources has links and information about the various raft and kayak manufacturers.

Stitches 'N Stuff is a one-woman company that makes great products such as drop bags, cam straps, and mesh dish drying bags for rafting trips. She will custom make almost any product and everything comes with a guarantee. She is located in Arizona, but happily ships to all parts of the country.

Whitewater Rafting Certification Resources has information about first aid and swiftwater rescue recertification.

Whitewater Research and Safety Institute makes some of the safest and coolest helmets on the market. They offer excellent color selection and they are very cooperative working with outfitters.

Improve your Business with Exceptional Design

Adventure Sports Online is a large directory and internet web marketing service for the outdoor industry.

Arctic Photos is a photo sharing site built for outfitters and designed to work with Arctic Reservations.

Arctic ReservationsArctic Reservations is a newly developed reservations system that is deployed through the internet. It fast, secure, and backed up automatically. It also has built in emailing functionality to send information and reminders.

Blue Tent Marketing offers email newsletter solutions to keep your business from being labeled as a spammer. The can deploy your entire email marketing campaign or give you the tools to do it yourself.

DreamhostDreamhost offers high quality web hosting at a great price. This is a great hosting company if you have multiple domain names because you can host as many domains as you wish for one low monthly fee.

Resmark Systems makes a reservation system that has all the bells and whistles. This system has online reservations, email capability, and a whole host of added features.

iBettyiBetty Designs is a business consulting group designing recreational, political and art groups' marketing concepts. Specializing in internet networks creating strategies for marketing, design and technology. Since 1974.

Tallac DesignsTallac Designs is a small internet marketing company that specializes in web design and consulting for rafting companies.

Disclaimer: River descriptions and classifications may change due to natural events that may create new hazards or flows. C-W-R advises that any paddler that uses this site be additionally informed by seeking out local news and updates for changes on this river.

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