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River Guide Schools

Numerous river guide schools are offered every spring and summer on the American Rivers in California and in southern Oregon. Several rafting outfitters offer schools as training courses for future commercial guides and people who just want to run private whitewater rafting trips someday. There are often rumors circulating that one must be "a young buck" in order to attend guide school, but that just isn't true. People ranging from 18 on up enjoy the excitement and education of river rafting guide school. The only requirement is that you are young at heart.

Guide Schools for raftingGuide school is often one of the highlights of a river guiding career since the stories of first-time runs through Trouble Maker, Satan's Cespool, or Tunnel Chute rapid, tend to become more and more exaggerated as time goes on. Flipping drills, swimming rapids, and z-rig practice generally lead to great legends told over dinner or at an evening campfire circle.

Schools are generally no larger than twelve trainees and guides. Throughout the one to two weeks of "school," trainees become great friends while learning how to read water, use rafting equipment, and cook up gourmet meals in camp. The camraderie and life-long friendships are just icing on the Dutch Oven cake.

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