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Multi-Day What-to-Bring List

What you wear and bring on the river can make or break a trip. Depending on the weather and difficulty of whitewater you will need various gear. Most outfitters rent sleeping packages that included a tent, ground pad, and sleeping bag. Wetsuits and splash jackets are generally provided when the weather is cold or the white water is advanced.

Since getting wet is part of any river trip, bring clothing that you don't mind being saturated with river water. Synthetic materials dry quickly and keep you warm even when they're damp, but on really hot days, a cotton t-shirt helps keep you cool. Also, you do not need a change of clothing for every day. Even on a 4-5 day trip, just a couple of t-shirts will suffice, but clean socks and underwear are always nice.

___ Swimsuit: two pieces are preferable, but sometimes synthetic under ware are better for bottoms so you don't get "boater's butt"
___ Shorts: quick drying like board shorts or running shorts. They can double as a swimsuit for men. One pair for on the river and one for when you're in camp. Thighs tend to get sunburned quickly and longer shorts are the best sunscreen possible.
___ Tennis shoes or water sport sandals like Keen, Teva, or Cacao, or wetsuit booties with soles--NO flip-flops unless you want your guide to duct-tape them to your feet!!!
___ Socks: Synthetic (Polypropylene) or wool -- NO COTTON!!!
___ Shoes for camp--tennis shoes (but not the ones you wore on the river) work great
___ Pants for camp
___ Shirts: long sleeved shirts work best for sun protection, cotton makes you colder
___ Long underwear: Polypropylene, Smart wool, fleece, or Crapulence
___ Sweater or jacket: Fleece or Wool
___ Pants: Fleece is best
___ Hat and Gloves: Fleece or Wool
___ Rain jacket and pants
___ Baseball cap or visor (with strap) for sun protection
Sometimes REQUIRED for early season trips:
____ Wetsuit* (for either cold weather or more difficult whitewater)
____ Paddle jacket/ splash jacket*

Gear List
___ Sleeping bags and pad*
___ Tent*
___ Ground Cloth
___ pillow (down pillows stuff well or a small camp pillow)
___ Water bottle with strap
___ Flashlight or headlamp
___ Sunglasses with strap (chums or croakies work well, as does duct tape!)
___ Insect repellant
___ Sunscreen/lip block
___ Moisturizer/skin lotion
___ Small towels and toiletries
___ Medications
___ Large zip lock bags for wet gear

___ Fishing equipment and license (check with your outfitter to see if they accommodate fishing)
___ Disposable/waterproof camera
___ Book/Journal/Notebook
___ Small day pack or fanny pack

*May be rented from or provided by your outfitter

**Your outfitter will likely include a what-to-bring list with specific details for your trip


Disclaimer: River descriptions and classifications may change due to natural events that may create new hazards or flows. C-W-R advises that any paddler that uses this site be additionally informed by seeking out local news and updates for changes on this river.

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