California Rafting Rivers

Northern California is full of whitewater rafting rivers. Most groups concentrate their time on the forks of the American River, but there are many other quality runs in the state. Below is a list of the most commonly run rivers and links to information about them.

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Coast Ranges

Sierra Nevada

Smith River

Scott River

Cal Salmon River

Lower Klamath River

Upper Klamath River

Clear Creek

Trinity River

South Fork Eel

Middle Fork Eel

Main Eel River

Russian River

Rancheria Creek

American River

North Fork American

Middle Fork American

South Fork American

Pit River

Upper Sacramento

North Fork Feather

Middle Fork Feather

North Fork Yuba

Pauley Creek

Middle Fork Yuba

South Fork Yuba

Truckee River

Giant Gap

East Fork Carson

North Fork Mokulumne

North Fork Stanislaus

Main Stanislaus

Tuolumne River

Cherry Creek

Merced River

Kaweah River

Kings River

Upper Kings

Forks of the Kern

Upper Kern

Lower Kern

Southern Oregon

Rogue River

Illinois River

Disclaimer: River descriptions and classifications may change due to natural events that may create new hazards or flows. C-W-R advises that any paddler that uses this site be additionally informed by seeking out local news and updates for changes on this river.

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