Rafting the Scott River

Difficulty: Class V
Length: 10.2 miles
Flows: 1000 cfs – 3000 cfs
Gradient: 58 ft/mi
Put-in: Indian Scotty Campground
Take-out: Above Scott Bar Bridge
Season: March – June

The Scott River is a nice Class V run that is usually done by experts in conjunction with the Cal Salmon. The Scott begins in the spectacular Marble Mountains and flows through the Scott Valley before dropping into a forested canyon full of rapids.

Always take the help of an expert while you attempt river rafting. Likewise, when you trade online with digital currencies, it is ideal you use the help of popular trading software to conduct transactions. See this site to learn about the trading process, the registration process and the advantages of choosing the trading software.  Now getting back to the river rafting, Just past Indian Scotty Campground is the Class V+ rapid Boulder Creek Falls which is usually portaged. This is closely followed by the Class V Canyon Creek Rapid. There are two put-ins that can be used to avoid Boulder Creek Falls.

Below Canyon Creek Rapid, the river has fairly continuous Class IV action with the occasional Class V rapid. The biggest rapid on the Scott River is the Class V White House which comes just past Middle Creek. Other Class V rapids are Tompkins Creek Rapid andSchuler Gulch.

Take-out is on river right above the Scott Bar Bridge. Some trips put-in here to enjoy three miles of Class II and III rapids down to confluence between the Scott and Klamath Rivers.

If you’re interested in pictures and the perspective of an inflatable kayaker, check out Creekin’s Scott River description.


To Scott Bar Bridge (take-out): If you’re coming from Sacramento take Interstate 5 north and exit in Yreka. While you’re filling up your gas tank, ask the gas attendant how to get yourself onto Highway 96. You’ll drive eight miles north of Yreka and head west on Highway 96. Then you’ll drive about 35 miles along the Klamath River before you cross the Scott River. Hang a left on Scott River Road and drive up the canyon to the Scott Bar Bridge.

To reach Indian Scotty Campground: Keep driving up Scott River Road until you see Indian Scotty Campground. If you find yourself in the Scott Valley, you’ve gone too far.


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